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Dynatek offers a wide range of Cooling Systems for your home or office and for commercial or industrial applications,
    we also provide prompt Air Conditioning repair service and installations for all your mechanical cooling equipment,
properly sized cooling systems and proper installation will ensure your system operates efficiently and saves energy.
A/C Coils exposed to outdoor dust and weather year round need cleaning to maintain their level of operating efficiency,
both residential and commercial systems can benefit from regular service and cleanings, dirty and clogged air filters
will cause a unit to freeze up & stop cooling, they can also harbor harmful mold & bacteria that can cause illness.
–Very Dirty Filter that was
     Once Bright Blue
RTU coil cleaning
Filter is also the wrong size
Leaving coil exposed to dirt
Split System A/C
A/C Coils
High SEER = More Efficient
Types of Cooling Systems
SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is the standard efficiency rating for air conditioning system performance, advances in
            technology have produced higher efficiencies in A/C systems, such as: improved coil designs that transfer more heat
            and improved compressors that operate on less electricity, more economical performance means less cooling costs.
Split System - Home Cooling Systems (above),
– RTU or AHU Package Cooling Systems that
  can provide both cooling and or heating for
  commercial and industrial applications,
Ductless Cooling Split Systems  –
self contained wall mount units,
– SpacePak Cooling Split Systems
  compact blower & coil units that
  pass high velocity air through 3”
  supply tubes which can be easily
  concealed in walls & ceilings.
– Portable Cooling Systems that come in a wide range
   of sizes for varied applications, they can be used for
   temporary cooling of party venues and tents or for
   continued indoor use as in computer rooms or tech
   labs where they can be directed as needed.
EPA Note:
To All air conditioning & refrigeration customers
      Time is running out !       Fines may be imposed !
EPA* R-22 Phase-out for home A/C units & commercial systems
  including Rooftop units and commercial refrigeration units !
R-22 is the refrigerant used in 90% of home cooling
systems, in 1987 the Clean Air Act was introduced
at the Montreal Protocol restricting the use of ozone
depleting CFC refrigerants & setting their phase-out.
R-22 is no longer being manufactured & any remaining stock supplies
are being offered at a premium which will continue to increase, this
will also serve to drive up service costs on R-22 equipment, by 2015
the EPA requires a 90% reduction in the operation of R-22 systems
with a near complete 99% phase-out by the year 2020.
Units that are 15 years old or older by 2015 with major repair issues
are better replaced in a timely manner than incur the additional costs
of repairing and maintaining obsolete R-22 systems.
Some R-22 Refrigeration Units may be retrofitted with new components
to operate on other environmentally friendly refrigerants, however all
air conditioning systems must be replaced due to the higher operating
pressure of the new air conditioning refrigerant R-410A which the old
R-22 systems were not designed for.  
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We believe the more information & understanding you have, the better your choices and
the better your decision making ability, …weather you’re a current customer or not,
We’re here and happy to help & you wont get a voicemail, we still answer our phone !