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Dynatek offers Rooftop Units from several manufacturers for new installations and replacements,
and provides prompt repair and maintenance service for all major RTU manufacturers brands,
Extended Equipment Warranties are available for all new equipment installations,
Rooftop Unit Service is performed on a quarterly basis & to Manufacturers Specifications,
Rooftop Unit Replacements are performed by crane or by helicopter airlift as needed,
Rooftop Unit Repairs are performed with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts,
There is no compromise for Proper Rooftop Unit Installations, Repair & Service Procedures,
           Improper Installations and Service result in untimely and costly unit failures,
RTUs Installed by Crane or Helicopter Airlift
Commercial Rooftop Units with exposed A/C coils can be damaged by Hail Storms and loose their ability to operate
efficiently, A/C coils & fins are fragile, bent fins block airflow and reduce the cooling capacity the unit was designed for,
rendering the unit inefficient, blocked fins can also cause system high pressure and compressor overheating leading to
blown compressors or refrigerant lines & untimely unit failure, some coils can be repaired, others require replacement.
Hail damaged units that aren’t repaired can run continuously & inefficiently wasting energy & have higher operating costs.
Hail Screens are available to protect fragile coils & protect your investment. Call us Today to install your Hail Screens.
Foaming Coil Cleaner shows
just how dirty this unit was
Rooftop Unit Hail Damage & Repair
Blown Compressor
Rooftop Unit Issues
Cottonwood Season can clog coils
& block airflow, overheating systems
Evidence of Oil & Refrigerant Leakage
Improper RTU Installations
Improperly Installed Gas Line
& Electrical Service Disconnect
blocking service panel access,
Improperly Installed Electrical
Service Disconnect & Elect.
Installed In Service Panel
Improperly Installed Electrical
Line Voltage In Unit Bottom
shorting out unit in a hard rain
Improperly Installed Drain
for Condensate causing
leaking inside unit & ducts
Another Dirty RTU Not Cooling
With Exposed Elect. Wiring
No Heat - Very Dirty & Rusted
Through Heat Exchanger
Outside Air Filters Deteriorated
& Torn letting in bugs & dust
Improperly Installed RTU
Outside Air Economizer
loaded with leaf debris
Properly Installed RTU