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Controls for HVACR Mechanical Equipment can range from simple switching to very complex integrated computer systems, servicing & troubleshooting these
systems should only be done by a trained & qualified service technician trained to work on electrical systems, today’s systems include many redundant safety
circuits & diagnostic circuits all designed to ensure safe system operation, there are specific procedures for testing these control systems that must be followed.
Common HVACR System Control Components
Dynatek can Design & Install your HVAC controls or maintain existing controls
Industrial Make Up Air
Boiler Zone Controls
Main System Controls
Complex Control Systems & Zone Controls can manage
a whole building incorporating many different types of
controls and levels of control such as: Contactors, Relays,
Timers, Temperature Controls and Sensors, Damper or
Solenoid Actuators, Flow Controls, Pressure Controls,
Monitoring Controls, and they can be Analog, Digital or
Electronic or Computer Controls with or without remote
access, they may be low voltage or line voltage and
programmable or non-programmable, all of these are in
addition to each units specific controls,
Make Up Air Unit Controls
Rooftop Unit Controls
Furnace Controls
Boiler Controls