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We Have Your Air Filters In Stock !
Changing these
will help you
breathe easier
Clean Air Filters are essential for proper system operation, dirty air filters restrict airflow & can cause breakdowns,
heating systems can overheat, cooling systems can freeze up, dirty filters reduce system efficiency & waste energy,
dirty air filters can also harbor harmful mold and bacteria that can cause illness and health issues,
residential and commercial filter changes are recommended monthly depending on the filtered environment,
using the correct air filters for your system is also important, some older air handler & furnace blower systems do
not have the airflow capacity for heavier filters, filters should be matched with your systems airflow capacity,
heavier air filters for allergen and dust particle reduction must be changed more often as they will get dirty quicker
and begin to reduce system airflow, there are many types of air filters designed for many different applications,
Commercial Tenants B-Ware !
This Is Enough To Make You Sick !
These filters were bright blue when
they were installed ? (8 years earlier)
according to the date on the filters,
full of mold & major bacterial growth,
neglect of this type by some property
owners is a code violation ! It states
that “clean air must be provided for
systems.” If you are a tenant with a
store front, ensure that your HVAC
equipment is being serviced regularly
and to manufacturers specifications
of at least quarterly service, by code
commercial buildings & public places
must adhere to minimum clean airflow
requirements, this unit was found
when new owners purchased the
property and had us check it out,
the unit interior required a complete
sanitizing, disinfecting & new interior
panel insulation and new filters, there
were also several other unit issues
that were addressed as well.
Types of Air Filters
Dynatek offers Filter Change Service with or without a mechanical service plan,
Custom Air Filters can be made to size,
We do offer Mechanical Inspections
Fiberglass Square
Fiberglass Roll
Aluminum Mesh
Grease Filters
Cube,Cap or Flow
Cell Pak or Cell Box
Paint Arrestors
Hepa Filters
Carbon Pad