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Manufacturers Serviced
Common HVAC Replacement Parts
Refrigeration & Restaurant Equipment
New & Used equipment is available
Parts for Refrigeration Equipment and
Commercial Cooking Equipment Parts
In Stock & Same Day Parts for Most Major Brands,
National Parts Sources for Non-Stock Parts and
Next Day HVACR Parts Delivery,
HVACR  Parts
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Replacement Parts for most major brands of mechanical equipment,

Hard to find parts or obsolete equipment parts may still be available, if we can’t find a replacement part for any
older or obsolete equipment, we can either retrofit a similar part or re-fabricate the part for your equipment,

Replacement Parts Warranties are limited and determined by the manufacturer,
Dynatek warranties installations form 30 days to 1 year depending on the type of part,
Dynatek can not warranty any parts we do not install,
Dynatek can not re-sell parts to the general public,

Parts Discount are available for Service Program Customers Only,
Parts Discounts for Service Program Customers can range from 10 - 30%,