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Your Savings with Dynatek 
Can Really Add Up !
We Recycle
Your 5 Star Mechanical Service Specialists
Promoting Energy Conservation & Environmental Responsibility for a cleaner earth
Dynatek is Licensed & Insured and Guarantees All Installations & Service Repairs
All HVAC Service,  Repairs & Installations are Performed with Quality & Craftsmanship
Installations, Service & Maintenance Programs are Available for All Mechanical Systems
Affordable Heating and Cooling Solutions and Reasonable Service Rates are The Standard
All Major Brands of Equipment are Serviced with Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts
With Just Over 32 Years Construction & Mechanical Trades Experience you can be confident that we can solve
even your most difficult mechanical systems issues, and count on us to provide you with accurate quotes for
job costs on all work orders and proposals before any work is done. Give us the opportunity to match or beat
quotes given by any of your other service providers, we’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable
rates time & time again. If you have concerns that you’re paying too much for service, let us evaluate what
your actual costs should be, then you decide. You could save 30% off what you’re paying now. Given the
local average our rates are around 30% lower than most other local mechanical service companies. and we
will continue to manage our overhead in a manner that ensures our low rates will stay that way.
Switching to Dynatek couldn’t be easier and saving on your service costs is just that easy ! Why? Are you paying too much 
    for service ?
Pay Less for Premium Service !
   All Repairs are Quoted !
   All Work is Guaranteed ! Payment Policy
Dynatek accepts - Visa, Mastercard & PayPal, Credit Cards, Business & Personal Checks for payment.
Payment In-Full for Service & Installations is Due at Service or Installation Completion.
Deposits for Equipment & or Materials may be required depending on the scope of the project.
Commercial Service Agreement Payments are to be paid in equal monthly installments over the service term.
Residential Service Agreement Payments are to be paid annually upon acceptance or renewal of agreement.
Dynatek will honor all manufacturer warranties, most warranties are transferable to consecutive owners,
the warranty remains with the equipment. Dynatek will not be held responsible for parts & labor warranties
or discounts made by other service companies. Extended Warranties are available for all New Equipment.
Note: That some equipment manufacturers also require annual maintenance service to maintain a warranty.
Note: That Commercial Equipment in most Municipalities By CODE is required to provide clean air for systems.
A Financial Note To Consider
Systems maintenance & service has annual costs and systems replacements have specific costs, these costs
can be projected and should be made part of the operating budget. The average life of most HVAC equipment
is 15-20 years +/- depending on operating conditions and quality of service, systems poorly serviced or not
serviced at all will have more major breakdowns and need replacement sooner than those properly serviced.
New equipment replacements can be expensive and more so if they are not planned for, we can evaluate your
equipment and project costs accordingly, a breakdown or replacement is inevitable, the question is, when ?
We do recommend planning for future replacements even if equipment is currently in good working order.
Technologies advance & efficiencies improve with each passing year, systems that are presently 15-20 years
old and functional are outdated and inefficient and cost more to operate and maintain.
Regularly upgrading your systems just makes good sense. Hourly Rates
Residential $80.00
Commercial $90.00  M-F 8am-5pm
After hours & weekend
rates are 1.5 X the
regular weekday rate,

After hours/Emergency
Service is available,
Techs are on call  24/7,
Hourly Rates do not apply to Flat Rate Quoted Jobs
Experience - The Dynatek Difference
Full Service Mechanical