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The Service Program is designed to provide needed & required maintenance service for mechanical equipment,
to ensure the safe & efficient operation of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment.
These service procedures are specified by the equipment manufacturers as the minimum standards for safe and
efficient operation of your HVACR equipment. A failure to provide the necessary maintenance services on your
equipment can lead to hazardous operation of the equipment and costly system failure and also health hazards.
  Some manufacturers require service on their equipment to maintain system warranties.
  Manufacturers require at minimum “Seasonal Service”, (4 services per year for commercial equipment).
  Filter changes may range from quarterly to monthly changes depending on the filtered environment.
Systems may require regular cleaning of burners & ignition components to prevent delayed ignition & explosion,
others require oiling & greasing of moving parts, motors or pumps, or the changing or adjustment of drive belts,
or the replacement of electrical control components such as burnt or pitted system contactors or relays,
the cleaning of system condensate pans & drains, the cleaning of system coils, changing of air or water filters,
  They all require safety system checks to ensure all equipment safeties are working properly, these include:
  High & Low Pressure Devices, Pressure Proving Devices, High & Low Temperature Devices, Flame Roll Outs,
  Ignition & Flame Sensors, Flow Control Switches, System Controls & also Flame & Smoke Duct Sensors,
These Needed Service checks should only be performed by a Trained & Qualified Service Technician
Service Program Costs
Residential Furnace & A/C Service for 2 Visits,
Single Systems, Starting at $140.00 per year,
Commercial Rooftop Unit Service 2 Visits,
Single Systems, Starting at $160.00 per year,
Commercial Rooftop Unit Service 4 Visits,
Single Systems, Starting at $280.00 per year,
Commercial Refrigeration Service 2 Visits,
4 Systems, Starting at $180.00 per year,
Call For A Service Quote Now !
Yes … and this is why:
Servicing Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration &
other Mechanical Equipment requires special
tools, a lot of tools, gadgets, meters, gauges,
precision instruments all to fine tune a piece
of equipment to its peek efficiency & keep it
there, it also requires the Mechanical Training
and troubleshooting expertise to identify and
repair the faults & issues that are found, in a
timely manner, and to recognize any safety
hazards and correct them. Every different
piece of Mechanical Equipment has its own
different Service Procedures. Also Note: that
systems serviced properly last an average
of 25%-30% longer than those not serviced
properly and an incredible 40% longer than
those not serviced at all.
Protect Your Investment
        & Service Your Equipment
We wrote the book on Proper HVACR Service Procedures
             … have a look …
Note: that,  BY CODE “Commercial Systems Must Provide Clean Air” !
These little guys are a nuisance and not servicing your
equipment can land you without heat & with costly repairs.
Units that are 10-15 years or older
need Heat Exchanger checks before
every heating season, Heat Exchanger
Cracks can pose a health risk from
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and
possibly worse, … death.
Do you really need a Service Program ?
Further discounts available for multiple units !
Dynatek offers prompt Mechanical
System Inspections for Property Sales or Purchases,
  Lengthens Equipment Life
  Improves System Efficiency
  Lowers Operating Costs
  Minimizes Major Breakdowns
  Ensures Regular Cleanings
  Priority Service Response
  Parts & Labor Discounts
for: 2 Walk in, 2 prep.
We Provide Service For National Chain Stores