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Saving Energy in any season is important, ensure your Heating & Air Conditioning Systems are operating properly with regular service checks.
Here are some ways to improve your residential home or commercial buildings efficiency,
Mechanical Systems
1. Ensure your Thermostats & Control Systems are in the proper locations- thermostats should be mounted at or near 4-5 ft. Above the floor,
   always on interior rather than exterior walls and out of immediate drafts which can cause system short-cycling, using programmable
   thermostats saves energy, they can be set back during unoccupied periods automatically, when multiple systems are used T-stats should
   be further located in the area served and not in direct contact of system airflow.
2. Ensure Forced Air Systems Ductwork is installed properly & sized properly for the space application and systems airflow, and that all
   duct connections are secure and sealed to prevent airflow leakage, use the proper Air Filters for the best system performance, using
   heavy restrictive filters can also restrict airflow, change air filters regularly, using the “Fan On” setting will maintain a more even overall
   temperature and help to reduce cold spots, while in this setting as air is constantly circulating it is also continually being cleaned and
   filtered, commercial systems and all public places are required “By CODE” to keep air circulating continually.
   All attic, crawl spaces and unconditioned space ductwork runs should be properly sealed and insulated, insulate these areas as well.
3. For Boiler & Hot Water Systems, ensure systems & piping is properly sized and free of leaks, pipes should be insulated to prevent
   energy losses, water heaters can also be fitted with an insulated cover jacket to help maintain their temperature longer before relighting
   and reheating, Note: “DO NOT COVER VENTS ON GAS WATER HEATERS”, water feed piping systems should be insulated as well.
4. Installing High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Equipment, 95% efficient furnaces are common today and replacing your old 80% furnace
   could save you 15% off your energy costs. Installing High Efficiency Air Conditioning will also save on energy costs, choose systems
   with a high (SEER) seasonal energy efficiency rating, with 13 & 14 SEER being less efficient than the more common 16 &18 SEER
   models and the newer 20 & 25 SEER models having the highest energy efficiency ratings yet to date for 2016.
5. Installing High Efficiency Boilers & Water Heaters could save you 15% off your energy costs. Installing a Point Of Use water heater
   in some applications may be preferable, they only operate for heat on demand, water is heated only as it flows.
A 15% energy savings for a furnace in an average mid-west household could translate into about a $300.00 savings per year.
6. Make use of ceiling fans & portable fans to circulate air within a space to maintain a more even temperature, the use of a Whole House
   Fan to exhaust warm air from the home in summer can reduce air conditioning needs and cooling costs. The use of attic ventilators
    to remove excess heat from the attic space can prevent that heat from further transferring to the inner building structure and increasing
   cooling loads and A/C energy costs, removing excess attic heat can also extend the useful life of roofing materials and shingles.
   Attic ventilators are now available with built in solar power to provide even more energy savings.
7. Installing Alternative Energy Systems, Solar Powered Systems, Wind Powered Systems, both active & passive systems are available
   for power production, for water heating and for cooling, these all can provide substantial energy savings.
8. Have regular system service & cleanings, clean systems operate more efficiently saving energy, clean system coils allow for more
    heating & cooling transfer than dirty coils, clean filters allow the proper air flow through the system, dirty blocked air filters can cause
   heating system overheating and inadequate area heating, they can also cause cooling systems to freeze up further blocking any
   air flow through the system and causing system failure, dirty filters also harbor harmful bacteria & viruses that cause health issues.
There are other energy saving system and building upgrades that may apply in your case, we’re happy to help, call now !