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Dynatek offers a wide range of Heating Systems for your home or office and for commercial or industrial applications,
             we also provide prompt heating repair service and installations for all your mechanical heating equipment.
Heating System accessories are also available such as: Humidifiers, Air Cleaners,
Air Purifiers and Fresh Air Exchangers, as well as Fresh Air Economizers for RTUs.
Heating Systems
Furnace - Upflow, Downflow, Horizontal
(AHU) Air Handler
(RTU) Rooftop Unit
Boiler Systems
Cast Iron Radiators & Baseboards
Copper Fin Baseboard
Electric Baseboard
Radiant Tube
Unit Heaters
(MUA) Make Up Air
Water Heaters
Wall Furnace
Waste Oil Heater
Natural Gas
or Propane
Different Heating Application Systems are available from many manufacturers,
proper heating system installation and duct sizing is important for proper system
air flow and system operating efficiency.
The Air Handler looks similar to a furnace on the outside
however where the furnace uses a heat exchanger and
burners the air handler can use a heating coil or electric
element, they can be used with or without A/C coils,
large commercial & industrial systems are also available.
Rooftop Units are self contained or packaged
heating and cooling systems, they can also
be set at ground level and ducted into the
building, they may or may not include an
Economizer which can bring in outside air
that may be required for occupants, it can
also offset cooling costs in moderate periods,
RTUs are available form 3.5 tons and up.
Unit Heaters are primarily used in commercial and
industrial applications such as: warehouses, loading
docks, factories, service garages and more recently
smaller models are used in shops & home garages,
electric unit heaters can be used in vestibules and
entranceways and other smaller areas that need to
maintain a minimum area temperature.
Hot Water Boiler Systems used for radiant water heating in
homes, commercial & industrial applications, small or large,
single systems or multiple systems, they can also be used
for in floor heating & in ground heating for snow melt systems,
they can be used with cast iron or copper baseboard systems.
Electric Baseboard Heating is also available.
The Furnace is standard home heating equipment & can be used in commercial applications as well,
they are available in 3 configurations - Upflow, Downflow & Horizontal, for Natural Gas or Propane use,
today’s 90% - 95% efficiency models can save considerably more energy than the old 80% units.
Wall Furnaces are used in smaller settings such as:
apartments and can also be used in garages & shops
as they now come with sealed combustion chambers.
Waste Oil Heaters run on automotive waste oils and
other combustible waste fluids that would have had to
be disposed of in another manner, these systems are
generally used in automotive service shops.
Make Up Air Units are rooftop mounted units that
can provide a large amount of outside air, this air
can be heated or cooled as needed depending
on the season, these units are used in areas
such as: industrial factories and commercial
kitchens where they offset large exhaust systems.
Water Heaters available in many sizes and used
in residential & commercial applications can
operate on Natural Gas, Propane or Electric,
Point Of Use water heaters are also available they
operate only on demand & heat water as it flows.
Radiant Tube & Infra-Red heaters are often used
In factories & loading docks & other areas that
may only require localized heating or periodic
heating on demand & for supplemental heat.